This data file clip was used to hold papers and cue cards in place on board the Apollo 12 lunar module 'Intrepid' during its November 1969 mission. It measures 2.25 inches in length and was attached by the Velcro on its reverse to various surfaces within the LM. On this page you can also view the letter of authenticity from Pete Conrad, the auction Catalogue that the letter relates to and a personal letter from Alan Bean to myself giving further details about the clip and its uses. I have also chosen to show the entries from the Apollo 12 Stowage List showing the clip making it's journey to the lunar surface (LM Launch Stowage List) and being returned from the lunar surface (LM Lunar Launch Stowage List) to the Yankee Clipper. It is fantastic to follow, via the clip's part number, the various stages of its epic voyage!

Apollo 12 Lunar Surface Data Clip
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