An 8*10 'Earthrise' with perhaps the most poignant quote of the whole space programme

A 16*20 limited edition print with the first words from the moon to the earth and the earth to the moon

One of the most famous quotes of the twentieth century

A great photo montage with a great inscription!

A super photo of Armstrong training in the LEM signed by Aldrin

"Earth is the cradle of mankind; but man cannot live in the cradle forever" (Konstantin Tsiolkovsky) inscribed by Jim Lovell on a super 'earthrise' photo

Capcom Charlie Dukes first words upon Apollo 11 landing on the moon

Jack Schmitt enjoying his geology!

“Exploration really is the essence of the human spirit, and to pause, to falter, to turn our back on the quest for knowledge, is to perish.” Frank Borman expressing his thoughts in 1969 to a joint session of Congress.

Friends from the Gemini programme at work!

An 11*14 showing the footsteps of Apollo 11

'It's O.K. ... ! I can eject? ' jokes a worried Gene Cernan!

Jim Lovell in action 'Navigating the first manned lunar mission' aboard Apollo 8

John Young's 'Giant Leap'!

The wonderful High Flight poem signed on an 'Earthrise' photo by Frank Borman

The end of an era