"The Journey"

I purchased this 6 by 9 inch Scottish flag in Aberdeen in the Summer of 2003. By the end of the Summer, via Germany, it had arrived at Baikonur, Russia's largest cosmodrome, to be hand carried aboard the Soyuz TMA-3 spacecraft by its commander Alexander Kaleri. Along with crewmates Michael Foale and Pedro Duque the package was launched into space on the 18th of October 2003. It stayed with Alexander Kaleri throughout his mission aboard the International Space Station until both he and Michael Foale returned to earth on the 30th of April 2004, landing in Kazakhstan. The flag then made its way back to me, via Germany, having completed its epic journey. It was in space for 195 days, including 193 of these docked with the ISS, and in that time completed 3040 orbits of the earth - indeed I am extremely proud to have such a well-travelled Scottish flag!

"Flying in Space"
The flag floating in space aboard the ISS with Alexander Kaleri

Scottish Flag in space

"The Flag"
Having returned from its journey the flag is now resplendent with the crew signatures and the cancellations confirming its journey to space and back.

Flown Scottish Flag