The swatch of fabric from the historic Wright Flyer shown below measures a huge 4.4cm by 4.5cm (1.7inches by 1.8inches). It originates from the Wright family themselves and the certificate of authenticity is signed as such. To have such a piece of history in my collection is indeed a privilege.

A wonderful display featuring exceptionally bold vintage ink signatures, “Wilbur Wright” and “Orville Wright, Feb. 13th, 1909". At the time of signing, the Wrights were in Pau, France, conducting training flights with three French aviators: Charles de Lambert, Paul Tissandier, and Captain Paul N. Lucas-Girardville.

A super uninscribed 6*4 postcard of the first flight signed by the pilot Orville Wright

A postcard signed and dated by Wilbur Wright showing him and his dog Flyer. It was signed whilst visiting France

Cover of a menu, "Diner de la marmite," designed by G. Fraipont,printed specially for a dinner on November 20, 1908, which was attended by the luminaries of the aviation world. It is signed by Wilbur Wright, his backer Lazare Weiller, the mathematician Paul Painleve who was Wright's first French passenger, the celebrated French balloonist Louis Capazza, and the pioneer aviator and monoplane designer Robert Esnault-Pelterie. Additionally dated by Wright, "20 November 1908".