The X-15 was a rocket plane that operated at the edge of space. The programme lasted from 1959 until 1968 and during that period 8 of its 12 pilots achieved astronaut status. These were White, Rushworth, Engle, Knight, Dana, Walker, Adams, and McKay (the others were Crossfield, Thompson, Petersen, and Armstrong).

A super 8*10 photo of an X-15 signed by 7 of its pilots

The 'beast' in flight!

An extremely rare Mike Adams signed cover. He was killed in an X-15 crash in 1967

A Joe Walker 6.5*8.5 signed photo. He flew the X-15 to its highest altitude of 354200 feet (67 miles)

A nice 8*10 X-15 photo signed by Scott Crossfield

An excellent colour 8*10 of Neil Armstrong and Robert White in front of an X-15

A 4.5*6.5 John McKay signed photo. He made 29 flights in the X-15

A Pete Knight signed photo inscribed to me. He flew the X-15 to its highest speed of 4500 m.p.h. (Mach 6.7)

A Bill Dana signed photo inscribed to me. He was the last pilot of the X-15 in October 1968

A photo in front of an X-15 signed by Forrest Petersen who flew it 5 times

An 8*10 inscribed to me by Scott Crossfield

An 8*10 of Robert White and Scott Crossfield

An inscribed 8*10 showing the X-15 prior to flight

An 8.5*6 colour photo of the X-15 signed by Joe Engle,Robert Rushworth,Pete Knight and Bill Dana

A super 8*10 photo of the X-15 signed and inscribed by Forrest Petersen

Al White and Pete Knight signatures on an 8*10 photo of an XB-70 and the X-15A2

A relaxed Scott Crossfield pre-flight

An 10*7 artists impression of the X-15 signed by : pilots Crossfield,White,Knight,Engle and Dana : drop pilots Charlie Bock, Charlie Kuyk, Fitz Fulton and Guy Townsend : and chase flight and back up pilot Al White

An 8*11 presentation signed by 9 of the 12 pilots. Particularly scarce is Armstrongs use of his middle initial when signing


These two samples of canopy glass are from the X-15 #3, which was lost on the 15th November 1967 whilst piloted by Mike Adams. The fragments of both the inner and outer panes were recovered by aviation archaeologists working on the crash site in the Californian desert.

X-15 Canopy Glass

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