Rather than go through a whole series of scans of crews or crew members I thought it might be of more interest to show a few slightly different full class signed items and some of the crew of the ill-fated STS-51L mission.

An early shuttle ASCAN class (1980) including names such as Mike Smith, John Blaha and Franklin Chang (Diaz)

Ten years on and we have a full crew signed photo of Group 13 ASCANs

A Group 16 cover signed by the complete 44 members of the class

A sheet signed by the complete 17 members of the Group 18 class

A photo of 10 of the 11 Group 19 class signed by them

An 8*10 of STS-51L pilot Mike Smith

A cover signed by Teacher in Space Christa McAuliffe

A cover signed by STS-51L payload specialist Greg Jarvis