This 8.75 x 5.75 inch UK flag was flown to the International Space Station by Pavel Vinagradov. He was the commander of the TMA-8 mission which was launched on the 29th March 2006 and landed back on earth on the 29th September 2006. The flag is signed as flown by him and also has the ISS cancel confirming its flown status.

UK Flag from Exp-13


This 7 x 4.5 inch UK flag was flown to the Soviet MIR space station with the Soyuz TM-12 crew. This crew of Artbarsky, Krikalev and, the UK's very first space voyager, Helen Sharman were launched into space on May 18th 1991. As well as being signed by this crew the flag is also signed by Afanasyev and Manarov who accompanied Sharman on her trip back to the earth on the 26th May 1991. Also confirming its 'flown' status are the 'Onboard space station Mir' and 'Onboard orbital complex Mir' hand stamps.

UK Flag

The Certificate of Authenticity

UK Flag Certifiacte